I began tutoring with Albert in year 9, 2010, for mathematics.Being in a learning supported class, I was looking for a tutor to help improve my marks and guide me in a greater understanding of the topic. With Albert’s guidance, style of teaching, clear explanations and succinct notes, I began to improve in my learning. In year 11 I began tutoring for economics as well. With Albert’s continued support and motivation in my senior years for 2 difficult subjects, I was able to achieve a school rank of 1st in economics and 3rd in maths. In the HSC I received high band 6’s for both subjects and an ATAR of 95.2, giving me the best possible options for uni, one I wouldn’t have achieved without Albert’s guidance and tutoring
— Andrew Antoun, 2015 HSC Graduate

I first started tutoring with Albert for my HSC General Mathematics course in June, 2013, when I was three quarters of my way through Year 12. It was just prior to my Trial HSC exams and, despite a positive start to General Maths in Year 11, I found myself struggling in Year 12 and my ranking in the school cohort was constantly slipping.

Throughout the time I had tutoring with Albert, I found him to be a wonderful teacher, who taught in an extremely kind and positive manner. He really did help me to grasp the concepts I needed to know and to prepare me for the HSC exam. With just four months of tutoring with Albert, I managed to achieve an HSC Exam Mark which was 13% higher than my Assessment Mark.

My only regret is that I didn’t commence tutoring with Albert sooner, as I’m sure my assessments throughout Year 12 would have been far more favourable, thereby leading to an even greater overall HSC mark.

I would highly recommend Albert to anyone looking for a Maths tutor.
— Thomas West, 2013 HSC Graduate

When I first came to Top of the State for Maths tuition I had failed my half yearly Maths assessment in year 11 and received a semester mark of 61 in my school report.

Throughout months of steady progress at Albert’s tutoring, I was able to substantially increase my marks and by semester 1 of year 12 I had received a semester mark of 77.

I improved on these marks all the way up to the HSC, where my overall mark for Maths was 81 and a band 5.

Without the assistance of Top of the State throughout my senior studies, it is possible I may not have made it in to my elected course at university.

I highly recommend Top of the state for anyone looking for Maths support.
— Darcy Corbett, 2013 HSC Student

The tutoring which I have received from Albert has completely changed my outlook on maths and my marks at school. After earning a mark of 36% in my preliminary mathematics exam, it was clear that I needed to find a tutor.

Since working with Albert I am now coming first in my individual maths class and coming 14th out of 96 in my grade, up against the marks of those doing the year 11 accelerated course, extension 1 and extension 2 maths.

The continual consolidation of ideas, particularly those which I have not fully understood in the past, has really helped to boost my confidence tackling difficult maths questions in and out of exams. This has all been enhanced by the environment I have been working in; a relaxed environment where I feel comfortable asking questions and indicating areas I need help in.

I thoroughly recommend Albert’s tutoring, because his tuition has been the most essential part to my current successes in maths.
— Rebecca, Former Student

Hi Albert

Just a quick note to say a big thank you for bringing my son, Ben, up to speed in his Year 12 Advanced Maths and helping him master the skills necessary for improving his performance in this subject the last 5 months since he started his lessons with you at the beginning of his Year 12. You have indeed done an amazing job!

After 2 months of lessons, I was extremely pleased with his progress. He has gone from a mark of 52 to an amazing mark of 87 in his term exam. I remember he was so proud of his marks when he brought back home that day. He was the top in his Advanced Maths class and within the top ten in the Year 12 Maths classes!

In his recent term exam, he again obtained another excellent result with just 2 marks away from getting a full mark (98/100), a result far more than I expected.

Not only you’ve brought the best out of him, your encouraging way and patience have also helped him to have a desire for success and love for maths. Your approach to him is more than I could wish for.

Ben is very lucky to have you as his maths tutor!
— Jaipin Soh, Mother of Current Student