About Us


Top of the State Tuition has helped students excel for over 10 years.

Over the past ten years, we have helped more than 200 students improve their study methods, understanding, and examination strategy. As a result, our students have earned better test scores  and grown in self-esteem and confidence. We love celebrating those victories with our students.

Our programs are design to meet the needs of students at all stages throughout their education journey. Our expertise focuses on the areas of Mathematics, Economics and Business Studies and we believe that the key to success is patience, persistence and understanding.

Unlike traditional coaching colleges or recent graduates who decide to tutor in their field of study, we offer a specialised tutoring program catering to the needs of students at all levels. It is well established that some students do not learn well in School classrooms and require additional support, we work with students to pin-point the areas in which they are lagging and design a program to help address these areas. All students are unique and learn at different paces, we bring over 10 years of tuition experience to find the learning method that works best.There is proven experience within our teaching methods, with a track record of satisfied students.

We are based in the Upper-North Shore,  well within walking distance from Wahroonga, Waitara and Normanhurst Station. 


Mastery In Tuition

Our Master tutor has been a High School Teacher, HSC Examiner and HSC Tutor for over 30 years, and has a genuine passion for helping students perform at their best. 

Superior tuition by a patient, expert teacher with an Honours degree and Diploma of Education, who:

  • Brings an unsurpassed reputation to his teaching, as co-author of 10 leading textbooks
  • Offers each student the knowledge built from his vast experience as a HSC and School Certificate examiner and classroom teacher.
  • Is the preferred tutor for many of Sydney's leading schools
  • Passes on superior exam and accelerated learning techniques
  • Provides individual assessment for each students regardless of their level
  • Caters to the needs of advanced, remedial and selective school candidates.
  • Offers specialised tuition for home-school students
  • Provides special preparation for primary school students for easy transition to high school
  • Assists students from years 7 - 12 including School Certificate & HSC preparation
  • Offers ideal preparation for University